Prevention Services

Education is a vital step in substance abuse prevention. Central Alabama Wellness’s Prevention Program offers information about tobacco, alcohol, and drug abuse to the community through educational programs and events at schools, parents, agencies, and other groups in the community.

We use evidence-based curriculum to implement the SAMSHA Strategic Prevention Framework through information dissemination, prevention education, alternative activities, problem identification and referral, and community-based and environmental processes. Our goal in providing these services is to influence and impact our community partners’ policies and practices and increase knowledge about substance abuse risk factors and how to enhance protective factors among the individuals and families in our community.



Hello Everyone

I am Zina Cartwell, Prevention Director for Central Alabama Wellness.  Even though I’m a Certified Prevention Manager with over 15 years in the drug prevention profession, the dangers of substance use that surround our youth and influence their decisions never cease to amaze me.

Drug abuse prevention can be a very difficult topic to discuss with your child, so we have created this Prevention Blog to help you navigate the process.  We will be using a program called “Know,” which is part of the “Parents Who Host, Lose the Most” curriculum.  The “Know” program goals are to increase parents’ knowledge and awareness about substance abuse and to increase the number of conversations parents have with their children about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

I look forward to having an open and honest dialogue with you, so let’s chat and stay tuned!

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