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NIMH Novel Target Discovery and Psychosocial Intervention Development Workshop


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Location: Neuroscience Center
6001 Executive Boulevard
Conference Room A1/A2
Bethesda, MD

Sponsored by: NIMH Division of Translational Research

On February 24-25, 2020, the Division of Translational Research will host a workshop titled, Novel Target Discovery and Psychosocial Intervention Development. Despite tremendous advances in basic neuroscience and behavioral science, there is still a major need for more effective treatments for many people living with mental illness. Part of NIMH’s mission is to speed up the pace of discovery of new validated targets, such as biological, behavioral, and clinical markers of specific mental illnesses, to help aid in the development of new therapeutic treatments for mental illness.

The overarching goal of the workshop is to accelerate research that supports the identification of novel targets to develop and improve non-pharmacological interventions (such as cognitive, behavioral, and psychosocial approaches).

Interdisciplinary researchers from basic, translational, and clinical investigation teams will present on their experience in identifying a novel target and developing interventions to impact the target and clinical outcomes. They will discuss their rationales for selecting the mechanistic affective/cognitive/social processes they chose to target with their interventions, and the properties of those processes that convinced them that they had potential as intervention targets. The discussion that follows will explore the utility of cross-disciplinary team work for the successful translation of basic findings to clinical application. Participants will represent a range of intervention types and targets, as well as intervention needs across the lifespan.

Registration and Parking

This event is open without prior registration to all NIH staff and the public. Parking is available at a nominal fee. A government-issued photo identification card (such as an NIH ID or driver's license) is required to enter the building. The event will be available via WebEx.

More Information:

The WebEx information will be posted the week before the workshop. Check back soon for more updates.

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